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From: The Desk of Alex and Seeni

Dear Friend,

Having traded for more than 7 years full time and having made more than enough to last me my entire lifetime, I am finally coming out in the limelight to share with everyone the very system that I have been safekeeping all these years.

If you are tired with a hype filled industry full of bloated promises, weak techniques and was burned-out by lame money-making ideas that never seems to work, you have finally stumbled across a simple step-by-step system to leverage on.

Honestly, I am sick and tired of all the systems and supposed get rich schemes out there which are nothing but scams. Yeah, there are genuine systems out there which cost an arm and leg but they don't cost that much, I mean they shouldn't cost that much. Have you ever thought, if these systems are really that good and the founders of the system are already that well off as they claim to be, why should these systems cost so much? Well, it is because they make more money selling these systems to poor innocent folks like yourself than they have ever made using the systems themselves!

However, before you start getting all excited, to be honest with you, if you are looking to "Get Rich Quick" or looking to turn $1000 into $1,000,000 in 1 month, this ebook is not suitable for you. 

My system shatters all conventional techniques of trading. It is extremely simple to learn as easy as A, B, C. Best of all - It's a 100% Capital Preservation System!!!

In fact, if you think we are going to take you through a complete technical analysis brain wash, you are in for a complete surprise. To rock your boat, with our proven system , you do NOT need to know;

x Gann Analysis
x Elliot Wave Analysis
x Fibonacci Analysis
x Pivot Points
x Moving Averages
x Complicated Pattern Analysis
x and many many more....... to learn the system.

Why Am I Doing This?

To be frank, I was very troubled when I tried learning all these "systems" which simply are very costly and do not work!

I have invested around thousands of dollars on courses that promise to be the “Complete Guide” or “Underground Secrets" and countless “automated” softwares which can make money while you sleep. As a newbie, I had hope that I will find my right system I kept spending more good money after bad hoping that I will figure out something somewhere that will be my trump card.

I was totally wrong. After months, if not years of failed “adventures”, I was broke, in debt and had no idea what to do.

It was at one moment of lost soul searching sessions that I found the solution to exactly what I was looking for. The best part is, noone knew, or was teaching about this system, ever. In fact, after all these years, I am surprised noone even has figured this out. Perhaps, they are keeping this secret formula just for themselves to milk the most profits out of the system. When I show you how the system works, you will be so awestruck and slapping yourself silly of how you couldn't figure this out all the while.

Infact, I am so sure that you will keep
this system as close to you as you can.

As You Unveil the Secrets of Lethal Forex System, You'll Learn...

checkmark It doesn't require much "capital." When I started out, I only had $250 to fund my account.
checkmark How you can trade for as little as 15-30 mins a day, with not more than a few hours trading time each week.
checkmark That this system doesn't require any trading experience. A widow in Chicago has been averaging $35,000 a year for the past 2 years, using my methods.
checkmark How you can live your life, since this doesn't require you to be glued to your computer all day
checkmark That with my system, there is absolutely no risk, as it works on 100% Capital Preservation
checkmark How you can make profits everytime. When you enter the trade, you make money
checkmark 100% Capital Preservation. As we are not speculating into trades with the "hope" of it moving, you'll not be losing any of your capital amount invested
checkmark Make Profits everytime. When you enter the trade, you either make money or you don’t
checkmark That this system is extremely simple to learn. Just follow simple rules
checkmark Know exactly when there'll be a trade and you need to "work"
checkmark how to discover the "No-Brainer" exit strategy that requires zero thinking or guesswork and allows you to bank huge profits
checkmark to Locate No Risk to Low Risk and High potential reward trades in minutes
checkmark that the system is near fool-proof as it is extremely easy to learn for traders of any experience level
checkmark All the secret methods of trading emotion-free. This is very important element for successful and consistent trading
checkmark That with our proven system, you will learn not to trade using any black box systems and save money
checkmark and that there is much much more . . .


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Step-by-Step Guide To Trading Riches"

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Now is the chance of your lifetime to
experience your life's wildest dreams!

So why me? Why my system ? In most cases, you may have not even heard of me and I can tell you the sky about me, but will you believe in what I got to say!

In fact, even if I tell you that I am George Soros or I am Warren Buffet, does it really matter to you if I have no ways to make you any richer?

Now honestly ask yourself........

How many people out there dare to tell you that they will teach you A Money Making System Without Losing Your Trading Capital??

Here's some excerpts of what people who have gotten their hands on Lethal Forex System and experienced its raw nuclear power have to say:

"It's Unbelievably Simple System"

I’ve brought a few ebook before to learn to trade the forex market. After buying your ebook and using it for a while now, it’s unbelievably simple system (no indicators, chart reading), yet it beat all the most advanced and complicated system I’ve tried. Let me be frank with you, your ebook is by far the best investment in my forex education. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

-- Alvin Anderson, Virginia


"Your System Really Suit Me"

I just want to say a big ‘Thank You” for sharing such a simple and yet workable system. After learning so many courses that look good on theory but lack the practicality in real life trading, I must said your system really suit me and most importantly made money for me. Thanks again.

-- John Berken, U.K 


"With Less Than An Hour's Work"

"WOW!!! Thanks a bunch!!! Your system may not be a new invention, but you made it so simple and ease of use. Now, I believe that trading Forex is not rocket science. Last week, I setup my first trade, and guess what? I made 167 pips on a live account with less than an hour work. I simply love your system. Now, I can start to think about buying my dream car.

-Geoffrey J , USA


I like your system

Not bad, huh!!!! I like your system, no need to glue your eyes on the monitor screen all the time looking for a trade.

-- Jeff Montero, New York


I’m fully convinced

Initially, I’ve great skepticism with your ebook as I lost lots of money buying bogus trading ebooks and systems that are difficult to implement in real life trading. Now, I’m fully convinced that your system is really WONDERFUL and very easy to use. By following your rules coupled with good risk management, I strongly believe that I’ll made money from this market. Keep up the good work.

-- Katie Stewart, Australia


I know that I have made the right choice

I have purchased a number of trading ebook in the past. Some are almost useless and some are too complicated to be use.. I have paper traded for 2 weeks and so far your system really proves to me that it is for real. Now, I know that I have made the right choice buying your ebook – it is so simple yet it works. It certainly seems to do what you say it will and now I am saving my trading capital to fund a real live account to start trading. I will keep you inform regarding my progress.

-- Chan Chee Seng , Singapore


pretty easy to understand even for beginner like myself

First let me say that your forex strategy is very straight forward. The ebook was well written and pretty easy to understand even for beginner like myself. Thanks a lot in advance and please keep me on your mailing list for more new trading ideas.

--Stanley J, New York .


I am so glad that you were generous

Thank you very much for sharing your ebook to losers like myself. I have been trying for more than 9 months with demo accounts trying to figure out how to make money in this business I have spent hundreds of dollars buying ebooks off the internet. I was really getting tired of all the Moving Average CrossOvers and the Elliott Waves. That crap just did not work for me. A matter of fact, I really wonder whether these technical indicators work at all. I am so glad that you were generous enough to share your money making system. Your system simply works for me!!! Thank You once again.

-- Titi Wijaya , Indonesia .

Now you've seen the amazing real-life results. You've also read the incredible testimonials. It's time for you to get the nuclear advantage now… before others realize it!

Alex and Seeni, I'm Convinced. I Want To
Start Seeing Money flowing into my account with Forex Trading In The Next Few Days!
How Much Is The Investment?

Great. I've spent literally thousand of dollars to learn, experiment, test and discover the Weapon of Money Making Stress Free and Emotion Free contained in Lethal Forex System. Not to mention the months that I've spent on sieving through all the crap and junk just to uncover the nuclear strategies.

So tell me, how much do you think a few months or a year of your time is worth? That is because, without Lethal Forex System you will probably be wasting your precious time, energy and effort trying to research the strategies and techniques yourself, in vain. Is it a good use of your time? Wouldn't you rather start making money immediately already?

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What does it require of you then? Belief. Enough to take a chance. Enough to absorb what I'll send you. Enough to put the principles into action. If you do just that - nothing more, nothing less - the results will be hard to believe.

You don't have to give up your job. But you may soon be making so much money that you'll be able to.

These are not theories.

These are not hypothetical assumptions

These are hard learnt on the ground money making strategies that has taken time, energy and effort to perfect.

You don't have to 'believe' whatever I say. Just try it. If you ever feel that this is not worth your time and money, all you've lost is a couple of minutes. You can easily return it back to us for no questions asked refund within 8 weeks, that is 60 days!

But what if THIS IS IT?...What do you have to lose... Or more importantly, what do you have to gain?


You'll have plenty to gain......Imagine yourself free from ALL restrictions, trading whenever and wherever you want.

Breaking free from the everyday hectic work life, eventually able to meet all financial needs to yourself, your family, your friends and everything else that matters.

Most importantly, the system gives you the luxury of time to pursue what you want in life.

The only thing you need is an internet connection and my solid trading method.

This is how smart people make smart money....

I will show you the way to generate cash through Forex trading and live your wildest dreams. The way to boost your trading potential and flood your account with profits month after month.

I'm Convinced.
I Want To Start Generating
Profits Now...



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Look, if by now you're still unsure and still considering, then consider the fact that one week from now or even a month from now, you might still be at the same struggling stage.

Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal... You Only Get One Chance At This ...

Like many of you, I have spent years and thousands of dollars looking for the "Holy Grail" so that I could make a killing in the markets.

For a long time, I thought that the higher the price-tag on a piece of software or trading course, the higher the profits. I also mistakenly thought that the more complicated and sophisticated the system, the better it is.

I spent practically every waking hour looking for trades with “Holy Grail" system and just became more and more confused. 

Listen, my fellow traders, you are more than welcome to go down the path I did, but with my system, you could drastically cut down your learning curve. It will also save you from wasting thousands of dollars on dead-end over-priced software and courses.

The bottom-line is that I have done all the hard work for you!

I give you a hard-hitting no-nonsense trading blueprint so that you know what to do to make your 100-400 pips trades.

My system will tell you precisely where, when and how to enter and also how to exit.

I don't want to waste your time, so I only give you what works! 

In less than 2 hours, you will be able to learn a proven step-by-step simple trading system in the forex markets.

That's it! 
It isn't rocket-science,
but pretty darn powerful

Best of all you can download this book to your pc and be reading it minutes from now!

Listen, this is a near 'Holy Grail' system that money can buy………

So how much are you going to have to invest to get your hands on a copy of "Lethal Forex System" today?

Learning to trade efficiently would run you up thousand or more. But the good news is that you don't have to spend thousand for my secrets of trading. Your price is just $159$139, $99.........

Your investment is only $67.00!!

I am told that i am so crazy to offer this product at this price and that i will probably be hated by all fund managers in the world. Actually, they might be right. But i don't care. I also don't know how long i can hold on to this price if these guys get to me. I can't guarantee you that this offer at $99 $67 will be here forever. if you decide to come back in a week, or even a 24 hours from now, so.....

You must be thinking that this is just another sales gimmick? Wrong - Due to exceptionally high demand we already have raised the price from $37 in just 1 week! 

You must be thinking, why so inexpensive? What's the catch? Actually there are no tricks or gimmicks. You see, the bottom-line is that unlike a lot of other people selling trading ebook, system or program, we don't need or rely on our book sales to make a living.

Also, since this product is downloadable on the internet, we don't have to spend thousands of dollars on printing, manufacturing, fulfillment and delivery costs. As a result we can deliver extraordinary value to you and at a price that anyone can afford. The bottom-line is you MUST win!

At an incredible rock-bottom price, the Lethal Forex system that can help you open up the money tap is already a great bargain in itself. But I strongly believe in the principle of over-delivering, so I'm going to add more valuable RELEVANT bonuses to make it just plain irresistible and a no-brainer for you…

If You Want
A Money Making System
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That Guarantees Massive Profits
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You are Just 2 Minutes Away From Setting Into Motion A System So Simple, Yet So Powerful, It Will Leave You Dumbfounded As Profits Rushes Back Into Your Account With Jaw Dropping Speed.

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Get Your 1 Year Silver Membership to SureFireWealth.com
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There’s More!

You have nothing to fear because you are protected by 

Our Iron-Clad 60 days Money Back Guarantee:

money back

This is the deal... 

You are obviously buying this program for one reason - PROFITS!

It is totally reasonable for you to expect that my system can help you add profits into your trading account. If I fail to do this then I don't deserve to keep your money. Sound fair?

I think it is reasonable to ask the following from you.

1. Open a demo Forex account

2. Paper-trade the system exactly as taught for at least 3 weeks

3. Record all your trades.

At the end of this time as long as you are profitable then you will be happy - end of story.

In the unlikely event that you are not profitable then send me your trade records. I will review them to make sure you are using the system properly. If you aren't then I will be happy to show you how to get back on track. If the system still wasn't profitable then like I said I don't deserve to keep your money and I will issue you a prompt and no hassle refund.



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For Prosperity,

Alex & Seeni

MHM group

P.S. You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking advantage of my risk-free no hassles 60 days guarantee. Order Here Now!

P.P.S. If you still decide that this is not the system for you, well I have nothing else to say. Some things are just not meant to change and I will just keep trading the way I do and I wish you the best in looking for THE product. If you haven’t noticed, I have no time to play games and make peanuts from the sales I make from you. If you can’t help yourself, well, take care and good luck.


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